Friday, 18 July 2014

Hope in a New Home

Both of the Bronze figurines of Hope shown at Harrogate at the Great Yorkshire Show were sold and are now with their new owners.

The exhibition gave opportunities to share about the action of Hope for Justice in the fight to stop human trafficking in the UK, and to gently share about and speak against this horrific crime.

The responses included people's hearts being moved, to want to so something in turn to be part of the answer.

Hope  here has found a piece of amber and we can see the seaside breeze
has caught in her hair and dress.
There is a gleam of gold on the beach at her feet
  and the center of the flower she carries also has gold leaf.

On Nelson Mandela day 2014 the maker of the figurine of Hope, the Sculptress JOEL reflected

"It was sometimes not an easy thing on a sunny day at a show, to talk about  dark things happening in our nation, even nearby - but it is necessary - and Hope is the answer - Hope and some action.
I am so glad that someone is now enjoying the inspiration of the Hope figurine - and look!  they too have become a part of the solution"

Monday, 7 July 2014

First Hope in Bronze

The first two sculptures of the figurine of Hope in Bronze have been cast and taken to be shown at the official Art Exhibition at the Great Yorkshire Show.

You can see that this Hope in her blue dress,  has found a piece of amethyst and is holding it up to catch the light.

Funds from the Bronze editions will help cover the costs to bring out Hope in the resin editions, and 10% be donated to anti human trafficking through Hope for Justice.

With the new popular edition the artist will receive 10% to support her and her projects and the rest of the profit of sales will all be directed to anti human trafficking.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

First Colour trials of Hope Figurine

The first colour trials of the Hope figurine have been made, the colour choice a red dress.

The centre of the Flower is picked out in gold and there is a hint of the sand of the beach.
She seems to be a Celtic lass ! Her hair red and eyes green.

The Hand Coloured Edition will be airbrushed to achieve an even finish.
Contact JOEL at the studio for one of the early edition, and of news of the next figurine "Faith"

Monday, 9 June 2014

First Hope in White

First image of the Hope figurine cast in white has arrived and here it is
more news on availability and prices coming soon


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Views of the Hope Figurine in clay, and in motion
Look for her Flower and the movement of her dress and hair in the wind...

As you can see it is our first attempt at a gif motion file and we can do with some help cleaning it up!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Hope Figurine goes to have mould taken

Hope at Last !

The final touches were added to the Hope Figurine and the finished piece was taken to have the mould made by a professional mould-maker based in Birmingham.
Here she is, with her windswept hair and a temporary 'petal' in her fingers - the cast figurine will have a semi precious or precious stone or crystal in her fingers!
A view from behind with the Flower - and one petal missing...but if you count it adds up to
"He Loves Me"
She has sand under her toes and her dress has a pocket with something in it perhaps.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

More work on the Hope Figurine

Work and study continues on the Hope figurine. Study of the lengths of arms and legs and the widths of the body. After these details are addressed and the face and back are finished  - the arms will be set in place and finished...then hands and all the details worked over again.
So although much seems done - there is a lot to do. More images coming soon - and the next schedule to have a mould made and the Hope figurine cast.....